Our Mission

Unboxed is a small group training studio where your individual fitness and wellness goals are assessed by one of our fitness and health coaches.  The combination of small group classes, personal training options and nutrition counseling is tailored to each individual.  Each client will have a coach that is passionate and invested in their success and will assist and guide clients to their desired goals.  Classes are offered in a variety of areas such as fitness boxing, functional training, cardio, resistance training and yoga.

The Unboxed mission is to provide our clients with an individualized fitness and wellness plan while coaching each client to realize and reach their full potential.

  • Troy Harris

    Troy Harris is a well-known trainer and coach in the Baltimore County area.  An extremely knowledgeable trainer, Troy is not only proficient in functional training but is also considered to be an expert in both boxing and self-defense.  As a former student of boxing, Troy understands proper form and technique while implementing training strategies to help his clients improve both their strength and endurance.  Troy has helped countless individuals improve their physical condition by sharing his expertise through his motivating and charming personality.

    Before becoming a coach and trainer, Troy was a Baltimore City Police Officer for over 10 years.  He worked as both a Patrol Officer as well as a Public Information Officer at Baltimore City Police Headquarters.  Troy holds a BA degree in Criminal Justice as well as being ISMA and AAAI Certified.

  • JD Carr

    A lifelong student of Martial Arts, JD is a 3rd Degree black belt in Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu, and a certified personal trainer through NSCA and has a degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University. 

    He has been a Senior Instructor at U.S. Martial Arts Academy since 2004, working with a variety of ages and skill sets. In 2014 he was awarded teacher of the year by the U.S. Kuo Shu Federation. 

    Using his background in Kung Fu and Tai Chi, JD has enhanced our boxing, self-defense and mobility classes.  His expertise in the fundamentals of movement help our members with body awareness, proper alignment and improved strength for overall success.  His talent for working with kids has earned him trust and respect with parents of our Combo Kids program.

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The goal is to invest in yourself while investing in the community as we are committed to giving a percentage of revenue to community outreach programs.  Helping our clients find a new strength and new purpose.

Unboxed is committed to helping the greater community through fitness and education as well.  We are affiliated with non-profit organizations in Baltimore city that provide fitness and education to teens.  A percentage of revenue is donated to these programs.

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