Anything comfortable to move in! We supply initial gloves and wraps for beginners, but suggest people get their own gloves and wraps as they continues their training!

Not unless you are interested, and not for quite some time. Our classes consist of a mixture of heavy bag work and focus mitt work with a coach. That way our members can get a great workout AND learn the skills of boxing/kickboxing.

We also offer strength training and have many members cross train between the classes. This way they can mix up their weekly fitness to stay engaged and have fun!

We like to keep our group fitness classes smaller; between 5 and 8 members. By keeping the class sizes smaller, we can better help each member accomplish their own goals and develop the skills we feel would most help them!

Absolutely! We love to see our members come in on their own time and get extra work in! This open gym policy is always included with any membership!